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  • Lee Musselwhite


    Flatland BMX is described by many as like breakdancing on a bike, riders perform a unique display of ground tricks witch all kinds of twists & spins at high speed. In our shows we work up from the basics so the crowd can easily relate as Lee & the team raise the level of each trick, for the most intense and visually impressive show. Meanwhile our commentator works the crowd to its full potential to create an unbelievable atmosphere that spectators will never forget!

    All that is required for a BMX flatland display is a flat level area this makes our shows incredibly versatile and can be performed practically anywhere.

    We work on many different levels with our clients and have contracts and tours in place right across the globe with all different types of business from: School/University, healthy living initiatives, major branded advertising campaigns to festivals and events such as the F1 Grand Prix.

    We pride ourselves on catering specifically for your needs so whether it be constructing and scheduling a nation wide tour, working as a promotional tool to help draw attention to your event or brand or even providing a positive message and combining activities for Children and adults from all walks of life. One thing is certain, we will not fail to inspire.