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  • Lee Musselwhite

    Guinness World Record

    Lee Musselwhite currently holds a Guinness World Record for the most number of No-handed spins on a BMX in one minute with a Trick called the "Death Truck".

    Lee performs this as a finishing move in many of his shows so is thrilled to have an official Guinness World record to his name for it.

    Not content with one record though Lee was granted permission by Guinness World Records in January 2014 to set a brand NEW record, with a trick he invented called the "Spider Glide" the worlds fist and only fully limbless BMX Flatland rolling move!

    The trick involves having No hands or feet on the bike. Instead, Lee sits on the handlebars and balances with their chest on the seat while moving, the record he will go for is the furthest distance traveled in this position.

    Lee attempted this on the 16th on January and believes he may have set another Guinness World Record after achieving 11.89 meters in this incredibly difficult position then riding away smoothly. Lee is now awaiting verification on the official record!